Levi’s – Davud Karbassioun – Global President – Pulse USA

What an epic journey. Carmen, Martin; I am in awe of Juice films enthusiasm, stamina and unconditional creative problem solving. Every frame, every detail we captured on film looks stunning. Fantastic team! Always smiling and focussed on the work no matter what. The agency and client couldn’t be happier.

Levi’s – Charlotte McConnell – Senior Broadcast & Content Producer – FCB West

Ladies! Power Womens! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your incredible, unrelenting efforts on Levi’s shoot. I know it was a hard one! And I was so blown away by your insane hard work and high energy and the personal support, it was really something. The edit it looking epic! You guys are the tits as we say.

Pokemon Go – Jon Dawes – Producer – Pulse USA

You all went above and beyond to deliver on this one! I know very well we didn’t make it easy on you in many ways. Still somehow, someway, you pulled us through with your hard work and seemingly endless dedication— and with smiles on your faces. It’s VERY much noticed and more so appreciated!!! Hope to work with all of you again on a more sane job in the future. Thanks again on behalf of myself, Pulse, and the client and agency.

Skoda – Pawel Picek – Executive Producer – Armada Films

We wanted to tell you how happy we were during our stay. I don’t need to write every positive thing, because I think the most important is to leave with the feeling that we know who we'll be back to. Thank you very much for everything!!!

Citroen – Gäelle Delaporte – Producer – Henry

First I wanna thank you a lot on behalf on Bart, Makker and I, for this shoot! It was a great pleasure to work with you and I’m already looking forward to the next one:) Big hugs from Paris

Furlined – Ben Davies – Executive Producer – Furlined USA

My team is back from Cape Town I wanted to drop you a note to say a huge thank you Everyone was so positive about the experience you gave the team. The energy and quality you delivered was of the highest standards I look forward to doing many more productions together.

Coca Cola – Mikey Levelle – Producer – Iconoclast

What can I say … … the collaboration, team work, planning, precision, perfection, patience and overall flawless approach to our shoot in Cape Town was award winning. I’ve not produced a job, so great, in all my years and felt so much love and support from my two very good friends and partners, Carm & Mart … not to mention now new friends and trusted colleagues: Tess; Santie; And Mel. You’re all fuc*ing brilliant at what you do and I could not have done this all without you. This was…. with one of London’s best agencies and such an iconic global client and have not stopped singing your praises since we wrapped! Each and every one of them has also, and with absolute confidence, told me this was the best shoot they have ever experienced. That says a lot … so a huge congratulations to you all. Please also pass on my thanks to everyone attached to the production….. they were all a dream to work with and built around us an incredibly talented team who never once cost me a minute of shooting and delivered excellence. If I had my way, I wouldn’t work with any other crew in the future …

Mentos – Amber Millington – Producer – Black Sheep

Wow, you guys are amazing, thank you so much! It really has been such a pleasure to work with you and everyone here is in a desperate hurry to come back!

Spa & Keyplan – Tatiana Pierre – Executive Producer – Adult Image

I guess I did take some Cape Town with me but you can be sure it will be in my heart for the next couple of weeks….it's a little bit difficult to tell you ALL the positive vibes, moments and laughter I had with every single one of your crew members. I truly felt so special, and as a matter of speaking 'coming home'. We think alike, we produce alike….I'll be spreading some Juice in Belgium to get a lot more people over to Cape Town :)

Strongbow – Mikey Levelle – Producer – Friend

I simply cannot thank you all enough. A production that started, months ago, as any other, and quickly grew into a BEAST, I could not have done it without you all. Juice Films nor any crew in South Africa have ever failed to amaze me at their professionalism, punctuality and persistence in film making. I have to thank you all with the utmost and heartfelt sincerity for your hard work and smiles. It was great to see so many familiar faces and every single person involved in this production was a huge asset and it’s incredible what we achieved

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