Martin Werner – Henry – Renault

Thanks again for a wonderful shoot. You are incredible. Seriously - LOVE YOU - I am beyond happy with how things worked out although we had loads of challenges.

Mikkel Sandemose – Pravda – Coop Extra

Thank you for 2 great weeks and a well prepared production. I’m very happy with the shoot! I want to express my gratitude for the experienced crew.

Magic Wanda – Mikey Levelle – Producer – Another Film Company

I wanted to express my absolute and total, colossal thanks. You’re all absolutely amazing and there’s no way in a million years Mark and I could have achieved what we did without you all. You’re an exceptional team; a true pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to come back out again.

Helsana – Bram van Alphen – Director – Rosasnco

We all are happy with the result! Definite a long ride but with a great team!! Thnx for all your help and superb crew. Loved working with you all.

My Canal – Jean Ozzanat – Executive Producer – Henry

Yeahhh lovely shoot! Merci! Keep on being the best ☺

Micromax – Khalil Bachooali – Founder & MD – Offroad Films

Thank you, and the Juiciest Team we have worked with in a long long time Thank you and very very well done.

Jafora Tabori – Ohav Flantz – Director – Rabel Films

Thank you!!! For having such a great team, and being so kind, warm and professional. You guys made all the difference, and were the silver lining! I feel so good about the shooting days, and the material we shot. It doesn’t happen that often anymore...

Blu – Sam Holmes – Agency Producer – The Corner Shop

All of you were tip top, 1%, cream of the crop sorts of cats and when I’m next in SA I’ll definitely come and make a nuisance of myself in and around your luxurious offices.

Carrefour – Jean Luc Bergenon – Executive Producer – Henry

Thank you! You did great once again! See you very soon for another one!

IKEA SUMMER 2016 – Ylva Axell – Executive Producer – Bacon STH

You are the best, thank you for a super good production:)

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