Spa & Keyplan – Tatiana Pierre – Executive Producer – Adult Image

I guess I did take some Cape Town with me but you can be sure it will be in my heart for the next couple of weeks….it's a little bit difficult to tell you ALL the positive vibes, moments and laughter I had with every single one of your crew members. I truly felt so special, and as a matter of speaking 'coming home'. We think alike, we produce alike….I'll be spreading some Juice in Belgium to get a lot more people over to Cape Town :)

Strongbow – Mikey Levelle – Producer – Friend

I simply cannot thank you all enough. A production that started, months ago, as any other, and quickly grew into a BEAST, I could not have done it without you all. Juice Films nor any crew in South Africa have ever failed to amaze me at their professionalism, punctuality and persistence in film making. I have to thank you all with the utmost and heartfelt sincerity for your hard work and smiles. It was great to see so many familiar faces and every single person involved in this production was a huge asset and it’s incredible what we achieved

Renault – Martin Werner – Director – Henry

Thanks again for a wonderful shoot. You are incredible. Seriously - LOVE YOU - I am beyond happy with how things worked out although we had loads of challenges.

Coop Extra – Mikkel Sandemose – Director – Pravda

Thank you for 2 great weeks and a well prepared production. I’m very happy with the shoot! I want to express my gratitude for the experienced crew.

Magic Wanda – Mikey Levelle – Producer – Another Film Company

I wanted to express my absolute and total, colossal thanks. You’re all absolutely amazing and there’s no way in a million years Mark and I could have achieved what we did without you all. You’re an exceptional team; a true pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to come back out again.

Helsana – Bram van Alphen – Director – Rosasnco

We all are happy with the result! Definite a long ride but with a great team!! Thnx for all your help and superb crew. Loved working with you all.

My Canal – Jean Ozzanat – Executive Producer – Henry

Yeahhh lovely shoot! Merci! Keep on being the best ☺

Micromax – Khalil Bachooali – Founder & MD – Offroad Films

Thank you, and the Juiciest Team we have worked with in a long long time Thank you and very very well done.

Jafora Tabori – Ohav Flantz – Director – Rabel Films

Thank you!!! For having such a great team, and being so kind, warm and professional. You guys made all the difference, and were the silver lining! I feel so good about the shooting days, and the material we shot. It doesn’t happen that often anymore...

Blu – Sam Holmes – Agency Producer – The Corner Shop

All of you were tip top, 1%, cream of the crop sorts of cats and when I’m next in SA I’ll definitely come and make a nuisance of myself in and around your luxurious offices.

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