Our visit to The Silo Hotel has given us new summer goals!


The Silo Hotel is truly magnificient. A work of art that draws you in with it’s elegant mix of raw walls and plush velvet couches.

We cannot wait to sip on rooftop bubbles while Cape Town dazzles at sunset. Drink in the views while the paragliders float down from Lion’s Head. And definitely feast our eyes and hearts on the visual delights that will fill the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa that opens right next door in September www.zeitsmocaa.museum

Definitely another reason to be in Cape Town for season!











Who doesn’t want to spend a few days at a festival?

 Teaming up with our good friends from Pulse in London, we had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Matt Houghton (Director) and Neil Andrews (Producer) on the latest campaign for Strongbow.
Our challenge was to find some amazing and unusual talent, a group that really worked well together. Between some crazy street casting and traditional studio casting, we put together a group who hit it off immediately: hanging out, drinking Strongbow and dancing like no-one was watching!


It’s almost time for Mandela Day 2017


The Mandela Day BUY A BOY A BOOT soccer tournament started out in 2014 as an initiative to buy each boy a pair of new boots but we have had such an amazing response, and the sponsorship’s have been extremely generous, that we have been able to buy each of the 67 boys a brand new pair of boots AND give each boy a full kit, foot ball, kit bag, jacket, cap, shin guards, and much more!
It is also a day to remember for each of these boys and we really do try to make it a very very special day together with all our sponsors.
This year the tournament will be on Sunday the 30th July – PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!
We are looking forward to another magical day of fun, team work, soccer, and big smiles all around.
*Picture credit: Jan Verboom
**Video credit: Frans Marais

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Jan Verboom Photography

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