Martin Myhre (Production Manager) – Pravda – Coop

We're really happy everything went so well... We are very happy that we did this with you guys. It is a pleasure working with Juice.

James Sorton (MD) – Pulse Films UK – Ritz & Pampers

I can't thank you enough for the work that you did on Will and Dylan's jobs in Cape Town. You really went above and beyond for them and I know they are hugely grateful. Once again, a great production from Juice. Thanks so much.

Guillaume Delmas (Agency Producer) – Prodigious – Orange

We're more than delighted & so is the Client!!! Thanks a lot to everybody for the gorgeous work done.

Paula Garr (Producer) – Pulse Films UK – Malta Guiness

Hope you're all recovering from our mad race around town and are onto the next exciting job. We're sending you a massive THANK YOU for a really wonderful shoot to all of you. I know it wasn't the easiest of shoots so thank you all for dealing with the hiccups along the way in a really positive, constructive and collaborative 'let's get the job done' way. The results speak for themselves. The rushes look like a million bucks.

Hera King (Producer) – Cap Gun Collective – Ballantine’s “Black Coffee”

"A HUGGGGEEEEEEEE thank you for an amazing job as EVER!! I was balled over how fantastic the production was,……. Thanks for your support, creative thinking, passion and fabulous production know how!! All in all another memorable experience and great job through and through!!"

Mark Lloyd – Client – Citroen

Thanks for all the support of Juice Films. Perfect organization, we had a great time in Cape Town, a real pleasure for me.

Julia Roberson (Producer) – Pulse Films USA – Ritz

Just wanted to thank you so very, very much for a job well done! I’m so impressed with you and your whole team. Thank you for your great attitudes, focus and hard work to get this crazy job done! We so appreciate it and you!

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