Magne Lyngner (Executive Producer) – Bacon – Telenor

If you consider reliability, honor and professionalism as important matters of Service Film Production, then I would recommend that you work with Juice Film the next time you are planning to shoot in South Africa.

Erik Schøien (Executive Producer) – Pravda – Storebrand

I must say it's been a pleasure working with you …Your way of working as a team that always look at any issue from two angles seems to be a great advantage which I appreciate.

Elaine Constantine (Director) – 15 Badgers – George

Thanks so much for a great experience/production!

Bettina Kolonka (Executive Producer) – Wige Media – Baldriparan

I Tell You One Thing: it was sooooo wonderful to establish the Girls Club - Nothing will be able to destroy this! So next Time hopefully Comes soon soon soon! We had such a Good Time, it did not feel like working ...

Knut Jensen (Executive Producer) – White Rabbit – Norsk Tipping

We are very happy with everything you did for us and I sincerely hope we get a chance to come back very soon!

Robin Benson (Executive Producer) – CoMPANY – Lee Jeans

It really was such a pleasure to meet and work with you on our Lee jeans project; I just wanted to thank you (and everyone at your company!) for all of your hard work and your hospitality. I'm really happy that you were able to get Juice going in time for us to work together; it was an ambitious project but we feel it came together really well and that everybody ended up very happy.

Paul Golubovich (Agency Producer) – GSDM – Lee Jeans

Super proud of what we can share, do hope our paths cross again in the not too distant... If ever in San Francisco, you know who to ring.

Gustavo Nadel (Executive Producer) – Gustavo Productions – Fuze Tea & Coke Zero

Just want to thank you for an excellent production. Super professional, super good vibe. Work and fun. My preferred combination! You guys rock. Thank you and hope to c u soon.

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