Louis Saint-Calbre (Producer) – Henry De Czar – Nissan Juke

Can I say " Apple is to pie as 'Juice' is to filming" ?...Yes, I think I can as I just experienced it! Hats off to Juice and their crews. Pulling off a complex and SFX heavy 7 day shoot with few prep days is indeed a feat. Juice did it whilst keeping me informed daily of all budgetary evolutions as well as options to keep all expenses under check. The mood is relaxed, friendly and professional which lends to an easy and smooth working environment. I cannot but highly recommend 'Juice' for any and all of your production needs.

Lieven Van Baelen – Henry De Czar – Nissan Juke

Thanks again for the hard work ... couldn't have done without you guys !!! Thank the boys from me of which i don't have the mail address. Hope to see you back...

Nic Barnes – The Mill+ – Hallmark ‘Mother Bird’

It was a terrific experience. Carmen took us to the most incredible locations and put together a talented crew. Despite three long days and multiple sunrises and sunsets, the entire team was a joy to be around. We captured truly spectacular plates and bird reference for our spot; we’re looking forward to our next collaboration and hope to be back soon!

Jean Ozannat (Executive Producer) – Henry De Czar – Nissan Juke

Agency and clients were super happy with the edits. Almost no changes! Again I would like to tell you how much it was good to have you producing this job in Cape Town. For both Lieven and I it was the best experience we had with a prodco in SA. I can't wait to do another one soon with you and I wish a lot of success to our two young and promising companies!

Sara Cummins – Coy! – Rice Krispies Squares

It was a FAB job honey - we can't fault ANYTHING!! U have a great team around you and u deserve to be crazy busy!!

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